Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coming to an End

As far as some of you may know, this will be my last blog post. I'm not gonna say anything special, or that I LOVEDDD blogging...because I didn't. I didn't hate it, but it was kinda a bump in the road, that I HAD to do before the weekend. When this first year project was assigned I wasn't exactly thrilled, but I've come to like blogging but more that I realized I like writing.
This started out as a D.I.Y blog, but then I got way to lazy to do anything with it, so I kinda started writing about my life and thoughts. And I', not quite sure what to write right now either... but it's the last blog post! And...that means summer is nearing! School is crazy right now. All the finals, essays, core tests. I have to re-memorize the whole world and the major cities, capitals, and physical features in each of our seven continents...Thanks Mr. Hase. Also, I have the huge english essay due on Monday, which I need a good grade on to keep my overall grade at an A... no pressure. Then on Wednesday I have my quater project due in my favorite class... Science! With Mrs. Brienholt (who mummifies her turtles, and keeps the tumores her pet rats had... and her dogs eyeball!) Totally kidding, that is not my favorite class. And of course, Math! The huge math final covering everything we learned from the first day of school. You think I remember all that stuff?
Not that any of you care about my homework load, but it was something to write about haha. If you have read this far, why? Haha I'm only doing this because it's a grade:)
How was everyones day? Mine was pretty great! I had my last soccer game and we won 3-0! YAY. Good way to end the season:) I love my team to death and hope we stay together throughout high school. PCSC all the way:) Anyway this is my goodbye. Have a good life everyone and stay great! :)

My girls:)... and coach haha

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We all have those friends who we have known for awhile, but grow apart from. The sad moment of truth when you realize you can't call her up just for fun anymore because of the slight awkwardness. This has unfortunately happened with me and her. I'm not sure how or why it happened (happening) I guess we both just didn't make an effort to stay in touch and boyfriends and sports took over our lives.

I mean how could we grow apart? We were each others first real friend and carried each other on our backs throughout the beginning of 7th grade. How could over time we just split away? It makes me really, really sad knowing I can't just call her up like old times. I mean don't get me wrong we still talk and hug at school, its just not the same. It's not like we hate each other, and I do love her to death things have just changed. We haven't hung out in god knows when, thats how long its been. However today things changed.

I'm sure most people reading this know about the AP test coming up in 2 days? 1 and a half? Anyway, I'm completely stressed out to the max. We're talking no sleep, eating, cramming, etc. So we decided to go to the library to study, however we're not doing as much studying as we should be (as I'm doing my blog) and she's right next to me <---. While searching quizlet, eating party mints, and writing blogs I can honestly say were having fun ;) It's been a catch-up day and I'm so glad it worked out this way.

I love you:)
So shout out to you Kel! Your right next to me, and I told you not to look at this :) I love you so much, more than you will ever know and even though sometimes I'm an awful friend, I apologize from the heart of my bottom (bottom of my heart). Your truly amazing and I love everything about you. Never change.
Oh god... 7th grade

She's a keeper.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's coming so fast.

There is no "it" that is coming soon, just by "it" I mean my future. It's scary, I'm growing up and there's no way to go back in time. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for it but its just at the point where everything it starting to count. The time where we have to go find jobs, get to drive (legally), taking AP tests and finals that are really gonna count. It's all come so fast, like in the beginning of the year we couldn't wait for the end, but now that it's here it just shows how freaking fast time flies. 

Remember being 5 and all you wanted to do was grow up? Well, how's it working out for ya? I remember being told "no" constantly because I "wasn't old enough" so all that made me want to do was grow up to where I was old enough. Old enough for what? Well, whatever I couldn't do. That huge roller coaster at six flags, or the double ice cream scoop on a chocolate coated cone. Remember not having any worries in the world? All you worried about was if you were gonna get dessert or not (at least that was me). Your mom scheduled who you played with, she picked out what you were going to wear to school, what activities and sports you were going to do. Those activities, man, I did ballet when I was a toddler and I knew from the start I would not be continuing that when I was older. Soccer was a different story. I loved it and knew I would continue to play growing up. 

That word, older. Older. Older than what? Older than your friends? Cousins? I can wait to grow up. I can wait to be on my own, out in the huge world. Maybe I'm crazy to think that, maybe I'm the only one, but I don't mind being this age. I don't mind being young, and sure there are days where I do, but as days fly by, I'm getting older. This moment is the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be again. I'm sure everyone reading this has heard of that quote, but it's so true that it's scary and weird. The world has so much to offer and so much to take in that it's overwhelming. Your parents want you to succeed and you have those days where you feel so alone and not sure who you have behind you, ready to catch you when you fall. We all have those days, and on those days I get scared. Scared of growing up and being on my own because without my friends and family I would have no base and would be a timid little pebble in a huge ocean... yeah, that works. 

I wasn't sure what to blog about, yet again but I figured its raining outside and I'm sitting on my bed listening to the pitter-patter and actually getting all my work done. The smell of rain is one of the best things in the world and I absolutely love the rain... but no, no I am not a sad person. 




Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Not Quite Sure..

I'm really not sure what to blog about anymore, because I'm so stressed with homework and finishing off the year strong, that I don't have any time to do D.I.Y projects:( The end of the year is the most stressful for me because, well, the teachers cram a lot and we have core testing and other huge finals where they expect us to remember everything we learned since day 1. Getting a good grade on all this means studying your butt off and trying not to procrastinate and cram everything the night before your test. I haven't had any time between soccer 4 days a week and the other 3 focusing on school and volunteer work over the summer. I can't wait for summer, but thinking of how fast it's coming makes me realize how fast it's going to go.
Lately I really have been noticing how fast life goes by. Its crazy, just yesterday I remember my first day of 7th grade... my first day at a whole new school where I knew like 2 people. It was nerve-wracking beyond belief and anyone that has moved throughout middle school or high school knows that feeling. My mom thought school started at 8:20 AM, when it really started at 8:40 AM.. so lucky me was 20 minutes early. I remember going to sit in the bathroom stall because I was just awkwardly standing by my locker, I've never been so alone. Everyone was screaming and hugging each other, the friends they hadn't seen all summer... and there was me. Me, wishing I was in my old school at that moment, even though I hated that school a lot. I mean I didn't hate it SO much, but I didn't have the nicest girls in my grade and my town was really judgmental and all everyone kept saying was "Good, the Morelli's are moving, they don't belong in this town." They said that in a good way, not bad (as it sounds). They meant it as in the way that my mom wasn't the mom wearing yoga pants everywhere and had her Prada, Gucci, and Juicy attire on with her Louis Vuitton bag. Nothing wrong with these women, I'm just saying, my mom was not one of them. Our whole family wasn't like the other families, families said we were "too nice and didn't fit it." Fit in, in the harsh town. Anwayyyyy, back to my first day, I met a girl named Sierra, she was my locker neighbor. She was also new, but I knew from the start we were not compatible as friends. But, being the new girl, you take all the friends you can get. Sierra introduced me to one of my now best friends. Kelly, the two girls together since day 1. Kelly had just moved from Colorado and didn't know anyone either. It's a funny story, because at first we HATED each other because we thought each other was stealing Sierra from us, Sierra...our only Utah friend. Then me and Kelly came to our senses and became closer and closer and before you knew it, we were best friends.
I'm not sure the point of the blog post, but at least I won't fail English! Haha, I know this sounds cheesy and you've heard it all before, but live everyday as your last. Be kind, love, live, take chances because someone out there is regretting they didn't and won't ever have the chance to. Don't take anything for granted, and now it's about time I take my own advice. Till next time:)


Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I'm sitting in front of my computer on this mopey Thursday night, and I have no idea what to blog about. And this poses a very big problem, because if I don't blog by tomorrow at 11:59 I will get a 0 for my blog this week. I will then proceed to fail English... so I should blog. About what??? UGH, writers block sucks, and my imagination is not working very well right now.
Nail post? Nah. 
Hair post? ...yeah right. 
Cooking? Way too lazy. 
D.I.Y? It would be way lame since I wouldn't actually be doing it. 
Music? Clothes? Quotes? Been there done that.

With my first soccer game and last minute packing to do tomorrow I will have no time to blog. Yes my first soccer game is happening and I'm so happy. After my first 3 (and a rescheduled one) have been canceled I am crossing my fingers this one won't be. Although, my team is telling me it's going to be clear but cold so we have nothing to worry about. I am so so excited! EEP! Then Saturday morning we are headed out on an early flight to Florida! DISNEY WORLD HERE WE COME! 
Since my oldest brother is a freshie in college, he already had his spring break. And my other bro will be going to Hawaii with his friends family (jealous). However I have my little dork of a sister coming with me and my mom and dad...should be an interesting experience. We get to see what it would be like if the Morelli family was just me and Cristina. Spending five days in the Happiest Place on Earth will be blast, and staying at the Grand Floridian should be just as fun (I've heard its way fun). Riding roller coasters, meeting Goofy (my favorite), sitting by the pool, 70 and above, tanning, away from my little ski town...can't wait. Then after those 5 days, which I'm sure will fly by so fast, we will head up to Jupiter. 
Jupiter, Florida that is. There my grandparents (dad's side) live in their seaside apartment. Yupp... cross the street and BOOM you're at the sandy beach. Our extended family will also be up there so it will be a semi-family reunion. That should be very interesting considering how ITALIAN my grandpa's side of the family is and how IRISH my grandma's side is. The last reunion I went to I was probably 5 or so and I remember it being so funny seeing the two sides mix. Seeing them should be great though cause the last time this happened was 3 years ago right before we made the big move from the Big Apple to the little-not-so-little Utah ski town.. 3 days spent by the beach should be an excellent stress reliever. 
Every dream has to come to an end, and hopefully by the time I return home, it will be warm. Seeing as there's still snow in Park City, and it continues to snow every other day... you can see how I'm not exactly thrilled to come from the warm beaches of Florida to the snowy spring in Park City. However, I do love, love it here and I know being away for a week will be just what I need, by time I get home I will have missed my friends too much:) 
So... I guessed I found something to blog about... doesn't necessarily go with the theme of my blog but whatever:) I'm just so excited cause in t-minus 1 day I will be in FLO-RIDA. YAY! If you did read through this whole thing... sick:) If you didn't... you wouldn't be seeing this right now... but I understand hahha byeee:)

Were Chip and Dale:)

...2 years ago...

Love her more than anything<3

What a cutie :')

She makes my day

Cristina at the Mickey train station

Friday, April 12, 2013

Polish Extravaganza

I am obsessed with doing my nails, like full-on obsessed. But lately, with soccer season starting and all my school-work I'm too busy. So I decided to do a nail post with all the cool nail ideas I've seen on the internet, but too lazy to try. Also, not that I'm only lazy, but these nail ideas are so hard and take a lot of skill (at least most of them) and it's skill I don't necessarily have. I'm not the best at drawing, especially drawing on a tiny tiny canvas. Plus, my left hand painting my right is bad enough. So here are a few designs and ideas I have found. 
These adorable Ocean Nails look so amazing.
The steps say they are fairly easy, but if I tried
I'm sure it would end up disastrous.

I love Finding Nemo so, so, so much! So seeing these
nails made me very happy:) But these nails,
take so much skill and artistic ability.

These ombré sky nails look fairly simple,
using the make-up sponge method.
However, the bird and cloud would cause me much trouble.
I've tried the sponge method before, and it didn't turn out as well
as I had hoped. 

These bird nails look adorable but look like they
would take a lot of time, and I am not
very impatient. But, I think I could give these a try.

These Chevron Nails are so cute, and I have always
wanted to try chevron nails, so I think I may give these a shot.
Though, I know I would have trouble with the tape and
I'm OCD about them all being the same.

"Zoo Manicure" How CUTE?! These nails take so much
patience and artistic ability that I do NOT have.
Maybe someone could do them for me??:)
That would be greatttt
Busy Busy Bee. I love this blue color, and the yellow bee makes
it that much cuter. The bee would cause me many problems.
I could never draw that, especially with my left hand.
However these look simple enough to try sometime.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yes...another SUMMA post

63 days!!! I cannot wait. This weekend with it reaching the 70's down in Salt Lake, I was beyond thrilled to wear my shorts! I also realized how low I am on dresses. I guess I've grown a lot since last summer, so all my dresses were way short, also considering half of them were Abercrombie (known to make shortttt dresses). Talking to my mom, she agreed to let me surf the web and see if I could find any cute, cheap dresses. For me, this is not a problem because #1: I'm a girl, and #2: I have Pinterest. I narrowed all my searches to 5 websites, it started off as 15.

My #1
Urban Outfitters is a really cute "hipster" website with tons
of trendy clothes, (mostly cheap).
This is now of the cute high-low dresses I am thinking of getting. 

My #2
This is a website I found while scrolling through pinterest.
I absolutely love this website and I know I am going
to end up buying a lot more than just their dresses.
My #3
I have always loved PacSun and every since I moved to Park City
and went to the PacSun outlet, I have been obsessed.
I just love all their collections of other brands, and all the
color and patterns. 
My #4
When I first saw Forever21's clothes I wasn't
necessarily in love. But, when I met my close friends,
I became more interested in it, because they all loved it.
Now, I always go to this site when I'm searching for something
or just wandering.
My #5
This is also a site I found by looking on Pinterest.
I love, love, love this dress along with about 3 more.
Also their shorts and graphic tees are exactly what
I'm looking for, for summer.